Identifying Types of Website Based on Characters and Content

types of website

One of many ways in Identifying types of website is by knowing its content. The function of most website in the Internet are based on commercial interests, which focus on business purposes and selling purposes (read “The Main Function of a Website” to learn more about other functions of website).

Based on terminology, website is set of pages of sites in which included in a domain or sub domain and it is inside of World Wide Web (WWW) in the Internet. Website is one of media in the Internet and it consists of various unlimited information.

Identifying Types of Website: Characteristics

Based in characteristics, website is divided into two types, which are:

1 – Static Website

The content could not be updated in a flexible manner and need to be re-coded. Usually used by website that do not need a lot of updates or changes, such as company profile and corporate website.

2 – Dynamic Website

The content could be updated without adding more codes. This kind of websites has system CMS (Content Management System) which works as a tool for adding, updating, and deleting content of the website.

Identifying Types of Website: Content

Based on content, website is divided into 11 types, which are:

1 – Search Engine

Usually, it has a blank space in the web page. The blank space needs to be filled by website visitors in order for it to start searching. For example: Google.

2 – Blog

It consists of writings, which are loaded as posting. Most blogs are maintained by a single author but it could also be maintained by multiple authors. There are varieties of blog content, depending on the intention of the author when creating the blog. For example: WordPress.

3 – Networking and Social Media

It makes it easier for users to share, join, and create content from their page and they can interact with other users. For example: Facebook.

4 – Forum

It focuses on the interaction between members to discuss and exchange information based on a topic that the forum provides. For example: Kaskus.

5 – News and Information Portal

The content of the website should be updated every day, hour, minute, even second. Content and characteristic of this website type can be various because it is based on the type of news and target audience that the company wants. For example: Detik (general news portal) and Femina (an information portal in which the information is targeted for women magazine)

6 – Multimedia

The content consists of window for users to be able to stream video and audio without downloading it in an advance. Can also be in a form of gallery of pictures. For example: YouTube (streaming video) and Unsplash (gallery of pictures)

7 – E-Learning

This type of website usually used by educational organizations or companies, which provide learning and training facilities through Internet. For Example: W3Schools

8 – E-Commerce

Serves as virtual store or online shop where customers can browse, choose, and make purchases of products being offered by the online shop. For example: E-Bay

9 – Cloud

It is a development of media sharing websites. This type of website provides storage facilities as well as file sharing among the members. For example: Google Drive

10 – Company Profile

A simple website featuring profiles and products or services, as well as company’s portfolios.

11 – Corporate Website

It is quite a complex website. It contains complete information of a company as a whole, from background, management, services, as well as all the activities that the company organizes.


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