Logo Design for Branding

logo design for branding

Logo design for branding requires a lot of considerations in which the characteristic of a logo needs to be unique and illustrates the identity of the company.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand

Logo as the Philosophy of a Company

Logo is an identity used for illustrating the image and character of an institution / company / organization. Logo works as an identity and it is portrayed through a visual design in which includes the information as well as message that the company wants to convey. With that in mind, logo design should have a philosophy and a basic framework of concepts, which aim to create an independent nature.

Branding as a First Step

Branding is one of many ways to make consumers or prospective customers familiar with the products being offered by the company. Branding serves to provide a means of education and appropriate promotion to potential consumers. When consumers are more familiar with the brand, they would trust the brand more.

Logo is the core of branding. A great brand is created by repeating the consistent use of its constituent elements to illustrate a clear identity of a company (read “Brand Identity is The Visual of A Business” article for more information regarding this matter). We recognize the slogan “JUST DO IT” as a part of Nike’s branding. Nike consistently uses their slogan in various forms of their promotion. Because of Nike’s consistency, it will eventually sink in consumers’ minds and shape consumers’ behavior to be responsive to the services or products offered in the promotion.

Logo Design for Branding is a Priority

Branding is a collection of a company’s image. Brand image is the perception of consumers. It is what consumers think and feel when they hear or see a brand. As it was explained before, a logo must have distinctive features and it should have a philosophy, which is relevant to the company.

A good logo comprises not only images and words, but also about: who you are, what you do, and what are your principles. Here are the steps to start designing your own logo:

  1. Brainstorm by identifying your company and consumers further;
  2. Test the design by comparing several designs that have been made, ask for inputs and opinions from someone you know or your prospective customer, and test the logo design whether the design can be easily remembered or not;
  3. Complete the design by making the final draft and stay open towards people’s assessments and inputs.

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