Brand Image is the Perception of Consumers

Brand image is

Brand image is a representation of the overall perception of a brand. Brand image is associated with an attitude of belief and preference towards a brand.

“Image is a set of beliefs, ideas, and impressions, which a person possesses towards an object.”

– Kotler

Brand image is what consumers think and feel while hearing or seeing a brand. A Positive consumer image of a brand leads to consumers making purchases. Brand with great reputation also forms the basis for building a positive corporate image.

Components of Brand Image

Based on Joseph Plummer, brand image consists of three components, which are:

  1. Product attribute refers to matters related to the brand, such as packaging, taste, price, and others;
  2. Consumer benefits refers to the functions of the product from the brand
  3. Brand personality refers to the characters of a brand if the brand is a figure.

Factors Affect Brand Image

According to Sutrisna, indicators that can affect the brand image depend on several consumer perceptions about:

  1. Introduction of the product;
  2. Quality of the product;
  3. The available size of the packaging;
  4. Endurance;
  5. Design or model of packaging;
  6. Color of the product;
  7. Price;
  8. Location of product marketed.

These factors have special attraction for consumers and related to one another. Consumers’ assessment towards the impression and image of a brand also affect the factors.

The Process of Building Brand Image

Building a brand image has a close relationship with existing perceptions of the brand This process is called positioning. When the differences and advantages of a brand faced with other brands, that is what called as brand positioning.

For a brand to have a strong brand positioning, the consumers need to know the brand in advance by placing the brand in the minds of the consumers. The existence of a brand in consumers’ minds is limited to brand recognition. At the lowest level, where consumers only know the existence of the brand, consumers may not be able to shape their perceptions towards the brand.

“The process of association is a form of organizing the stimulus to shape perceptions.”

– Simamora

This perception will eventually help corporate in bulding a certain brand image.

Based on these explanations and from previous articles on brand identity, it can be concluded that brand image is a way for a brand to be perceived by its consumers and brand identity is the visual of a business or the image of experience created by the company.